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Going beneath the surface


At the heart of performance

The most productive part of the business lies beyond the visible.

Those who learn to master it will succeed.

ArcticTalent goes beneath the surface - where the behaviour comes from -  focusing on the:


• people – attitudes, beliefs, emotions, skills

• culture – values, way of working,
purpose, identity

• processes – business models making
things happen


We create inspiring, engaging and long term solutions combining the individual, the corporate culture and different business models relevant to the customer’s situation using internationally acknowledged management methods and tools.





• Emotions and Behaviour at Work
(Emotional Intelligence )

• Leadership

• Personal Strengths in Relating to others  ( Strength Deployment Inventory )



• Corporate culture and cross-cultural awareness



• Business model  tools into action

• Bottleneck identification of operational processes


Arctic Toolbox



Human Potential  - raising the level of your performance, when do we start ?

Cultural potential

Corporate culture  provides cognitive cards and models for expected behaviour and offers solutions to challenging situations. Culture is defined by the company’s values.


How do you live by your company’s values ?


Our cultural heritage  leads us to see and do things in ”certain ways – in my way”. Sometimes it may  be different from others’ views. This can lead to misunderstandings, it can break trust and we might lose business opportunities.


Differences between industries, responsibilities, operational silos and cultures makes cultures collide. These collisions always have a cost.

Increasing cultural awareness means to see both the positive and negative aspects of cultural differences.  Diversity can  create valuable new skills and behaviours.


With our help many of  our customers ( eg. in the medical, consumer and IT area) have been able to prevent various "cultural collisions", by making use of our practical methods and tools.



How much could you earn by reducing  the cultural collisions ?


Business model potential

Human potential


• Emotions and behaviour at work distinguish successful organisations from their good enough counterparts. The  most successful organisations invest in the individuals and their working environment, knowing the positive effect  it has on delivering results.


• Generating profit  is realised in the customer interface.  Merja Fischer explored the interaction between employees and their customers in her  doctoral dissertation under the title of “Positive working climate as the lead to Success” (based on Wärtsilä Corporation’s case).

• The results show that employees’ positive attitude to their work environment has a direct impact on the customer's purchasing decision and willingness to pay, eventually resulting in better profit margins.


• More about emotional intelligence and


• We indentify human potential using the Strength Deployment Inventory,
the SDI:tä

Business Models Generation tools create  value for the company, employees, customers and  the society   questioning, challenging and reshaping existing models, as well as transforming and  replacing outdated ones .


Value is created through powerful learning experiences by putting people together, enhancing new  insights, getting an understanding and common picture of the business model and a shared language helping to create new strategic alternatives. Without a shared language it is difficult to challenge existing models and innovate successfully.


Adding value we also use the Specifique methodology




Are you using your business potential in the optimal way ?






• Business development  and Business Unit establishment adviser

• Entrepreneur and business developer since 1993

• Business Angel from 2008

• Ms.C. ( Econ.),  eMBA


• Organisational developer and Manager since 1986

• Vocational teacher and workplace learning  specialist

• Accredited EBW, EBWt and EBW Masterclass facilitator (Emotions and Behavior at Work)

• B.Sc. Logistics, M.Sc Env. Management


• Crosscultural developer, Business model generator, Facilitator
since 1986

• Entrepreneur  since 2004

• Licensed trainer for:
- RLC Cross cultural awareness
- SDI  relationship awareness
- SL2 Situational Leadership
- Specifique methodology

• M.Sc. ( Econ.)


Customer Cases

Examples from some customer projects.

Click headings below to open case.

  • BSR Stars


    To get a common understanding of goals and expected outcomes, to find an efficient way of working in multi-cultural teams, to increase cultural awareness in order to avoid cultural collisions



    International teams with people from countries around the Baltic Sea representing  companies, authorities  and  universities with the task to bring together resources and  know-how and to find ways to reduce pollution in the Baltic Sea.



    A program was designed with clear goals, where we made use of participants' experiences and know-how, used participatory and creative methods and progressed gradually towards the goals set.



    A common way of working was achieved, where synergies were utilised, potential pitfalls identified and avoided. As a result, operational work has become more efficient and solutions have been built within the projected time schedule.

  • VR


    The leaders of the departments had a need to upgrade  their leadership skills.



    The size of the units had significantly increased,  which meant that  more leadership was needed in taking responsibility and in  supporting people solving daily operational tasks.



    Leadership skills were developed towards a coaching leadership by using a variety of exercises.



    After the training the leaders took immediately practices into everyday operations.


  • Helsingin Hiippakunta


    To develop the experts leadership skills.



    Changes in tasks and in persons.  Sector experts operate independently, experiencing being partly disconnected and superiors wanted to support members of the working community wellbeing and  to foster openness.



    Emotional intelligence reports on personal-and team level  were reviewed and a common understanding  and a culture of sharing was processed.



    Both on the individual and workplace level of a better awareness was formed and  thereby activities and practices could be shared easier.


Organisations we have worked with


VR, Reachlaw, GoldMoney,

Carl Zeiss, TEM, Electrolux, Konecranes, Intracom,

Helsingin Tuomiokapituli,

Fintos, TTY, Arffman Consulting Oy, Global Learning Oy,

Nortrain Oy, Katera Steel Oy,

BSR Stars, Ericsson,

Mergertum Oy,


Countrypolis Oy,

Kouluttamo Oy

"Our passion is to ensure our customers achieve their true potential"

Jari Arffman, managing director

p. +358 50 3250 041,


Kari I. Mattila, senior adviser

p. +358 400 428 950,


Björn Stenholm, business contributor

p. +358 400 844 003,


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