-Beneath the surface

Arctic talent; me näemme tuloksellisuuden ytimeen



• Emotions and Behaviour at Work
(Emotional Intelligence )

• Leadership

• Personal Strengths in Relating to others  (Strength Deployment Inventory)



• Corporate culture and cross-cultural awareness



• Business model  tools into action

• Bottleneck identification of operational processes


At the heart of performance

ArcticTalent goes beneath the surface - where the behaviour comes from -  focusing on the:


• people – attitudes, beliefs, emotions, skills

• culture – values, way of working,
purpose, identity

• processes – business models making
things happen


ArcticTalent is a group of advisers with experience gained at over 100  successful development projects. We create inspiring, engaging and long term solutions combining the individual, the corporate culture and different business models relevant to the customer’s situation using internationally acknowledged management methods and tools.



The most productive part of the business lies beyond the visible. Those who learn to master it will succeed.